Wedding Gowns and Formals

wedding_aA wedding dress is probably the most precious garment a woman will ever wear, and quite possibly the most expensive, and so demands expert cleaning.

Whether it is to be sold, altered to make a ball gown, or preserved as a memento or heirloom, Royal Fine Cleaners can ensure that it is preserved in pristine condition and offer a boxed wedding dress service.

If you choose to use our Boxed Wedding Dress Service, the wedding dress is returned folded in layers of acid free tissue paper (to preserve the color) and presented in a beautiful box complete with a pink satin bow.

This not only helps preserve the dress in pristine condition but also provides storage that compliments the beauty of the dress.

For brides outside areas with local wedding gown preservation service, we offer Courier Service with safe and speedy prepaid shipping.
Royal Fine’s wedding dress cleaning services ensure that each wedding dress is treated with the care it deserves, and cleaned to the highest possible standards.

wedding_bEvening wear, such as black tie and ball gowns, also require special treatment. Again, our special cleaning services will ensure clothing is returned in the best possible condition.

Royal Fine Cleaners is associated with The Tuscaloosa Bridal Directory, a good source of wedding information.