Wash and Fold

wash-and-foldLaundry… yuck! But, it must be done and WashClub Alabama will give you one less thing to do and it couldn’t be easier than using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our process is quick and easy, just add items into your laundry basket, select your desired pick-up and delivery time and contact information…Simple! When you complete your order a confirmation email or text message; depending on how you wish us to communicate with you will be sent to you. When our WashClub Alabama driver is in route to your location for either pick up or delivery, you will receive an email or text message notifying you we are thirty-minutes or less prior to their arrival. No cable company hour window, what does that mean? You don’t have to wait by your door, meaning more time for yourself. After all, that’s why we are doing this, right?
Every customer and their clothes are unique, therefore, so are our services. Our WashClub Alabama washing specialist will take great care to preserve the quality of your laundry. Our order processing system will inform our washing specialist of any special requests or general instructions you might have as it pertains to your washing or drying needs.

washclublogoFinally, upon completion of your drying requests, our specialist will neatly fold and package your laundry into our branded, hypoallergenic laundry bags.
Our delivery process is similar to our pick up service. Your WashClub Alabama driver will send you an email or text message approximately thirty-minutes or less upon their arrival. Let our wash and fold service save you time and money.
Pretty good reason to join WashClub Alabama! Join the crowd.

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