Fire, Smoke, Mold & Water Restoration Services

Smoke & Fire

houseAt FRSTeam, we know that different smoke or fire losses require different approaches to restoration. Our comprehensive smoke and fire damage restoration services are designed to achieve the best possible results.

  • On site damage assessment
  • Evaluation of restorability
  • Odor control and elimination
  • Smoke residue and soot removal
  • Long term, secure storage
  • Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are here to help. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the loss by providing professional complete restoration services.

With multiple ways to clean and restore even the most heavily smoke and soot damaged orders, Fabric Restoration Service Team has the technology, equipment, and trained technicians to handle the toughest items – from rugs to blouses.

Water Damage

Time is of the essence in water damage situations. Fabric Restoration Service Team can greatly minimize the impact of the loss with our prompt response and comprehensive water damage restoration services.

  • On site damage assessment
  • Restorative drying and stabilization to prevent further damage
  • Restorative cleaning
  • Long term, secure storage
  • We can also help keep costs down by removing clothing and other fabric items from affected areas and storing them at our facility to prevent further damage. Once you and your home are ready, we will return the items that we safely and securely stored.

Mold Damage

Mold damage claims have emerged as one of the biggest restoration challenges in recent years. Clothing, draperies, bedding, and other household fabric items can become contaminated from mold spores that become airborne. We can help with your mold restoration needs by providing specialized, thorough services that can effectively remove mold spores from clothing and other fabric related items.

  • Our crews are outfitted with the necessary personal protective equipment to respond to contaminated sites
  • Our removal of contents reduces the risk of cross contamination at the site
  • Our stabilization process reduces the risk of cross contamination at our facility
  • Our cleaning procedures have been proven effective at removing mold spores

Our knowledge and procedures, combined with the recommendations of Industry Hygenists and other mold restoration professionals ensure the best results in mold remediation.